How to Recognize Bias in a Newspaper Article

Look for at least two sides to every story. A good reporter will view bot sides of a story and present the fact just as they are. They aim to support both/all sides of an isses.

Look at how the writer treats the people they are writing about. Make sure you step back from the writers writer and see if they’re using any language which pushes you to a side of an argument.

Ask yourself is something is missing from the article. If it seems there’s something missing, then refrain from coming to a conclusion before everything is on the table.

Notice if the newspaper wants you to identify with a certain group. One group may be portrayed in relatable terms, while another group is portrayed in extreme ones.

Consider how people are portrayed through pictures.
Photos can be manipulated to make someone look good, bad, noble, sleazy, ect. Ask yourself the following, what impression does the photo imply? Could a more objective photo be used?

These are just some tips on how to recognize bias in a newspaper article.
If the article source or author is know to have a reputation, then you can probably assume the public opinion of them.

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